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Dec 18, 2012 6:00pm EST
it. joining me now, two cohosts of "the cycle" here on msnbc. steve kornacki and crystal ball. am i missing something or is the gop pretty much the same as the old gop? >> at this point you haven't seen the policy shift the party's going to need to make on some of the biggest issues. to give them a bit of the benefit of the doubt, there's three things i would look for in the immediate future. the most pressing would be if there is a deal here on the fiscal cliff. and it does involve raising the income tax rates on high-income people. do republicans go along with that deal or stick back to the anti-tax, anti-tax on the wealthy sort of posture they have for years? the second would be guns in response to what's in the news this week. will there be any shift from republicans in recognition of where the party's been? will there be a shift there? and i think the third coming will be immigration. you talk about the latino vote there. the big move will be for there to be a big immigration reform next year. and do republicans moderate themselves on that or are we still stuck where it's every
Dec 21, 2012 3:00pm PST
to fight for it. joining me now is congressman steve coen, democrat from tennessee and former pennsylvania governor, ed rendell. thanks to both of you for being here tonight. >> good evening, rev. >> nice to be with you. >> congressman, let me start with you. the president said nobody can get a hundred percent of what they want. but you've seen the right wing republicans in the house. they don't seem to get that. >> no, they don't. they're an immature group, politically. many of them were new to politics in 2010 and they came with the idea of no revenues and no taxes at all. and they -- you think you can see what the president has had to deal with for the last two years, people have questioned the president and his working across bipartisan ways. he's tried to be bipartisan, but this group is rigid, immature. rich mcconnell wanted to beat the president. now, the president can't be beaten. they came to washington to change washington, but their main concern is reelection and they don't want anybody saying you raised taxes or you tax anybody, even the uber rich. >> but congressm
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)